14 October 2007

October Update

My laptop (which was my primary development PC) had a hardware failure last month, so it has taken some time to order parts for a new machine and setting up the development environment for Opioid2D. Since setting up the free MS tools for Python extension compiling is somewhat of a hassle, I decided to try open source tools this time around.

The Opioid2D alpha 6 patch 3 released today has been modified so that it compiles correctly for Python 2.5 using MinGW32. Also, since the official release of Python 2.5 is now over a year old, I've decided to use that as my main platform from now on. If you need Python 2.4 support in Opioid2D, please let me know, as all future testing and releases will otherwise be for 2.5 only.

Other than that, I haven't had much time to develop new features and such, as I'm currently commuting about three hours a day to my new job. However, this is only a temporary phase and later on I will telecommute most days from home and that should free up some more time to work on my personal projects.