03 July 2006

Pre-Alpha Status Report

The pre-alpha of O2D has progressed nicely. I just started my vacation, and will try to get the public alpha out as soon as possible. It's now mostly a matter of getting basic documentation and basic examples together.

Hilights from the pre-alpha:

  • Builds and runs on Windows, Linux and MacOSX

  • The collision detection system is still under development. This is the most significant thing that's currently holding the public release back.

  • Action system is pretty much finished. There are still a bunch of actions waiting to be converted from pygext to O2D, but these will probably be added after the first alpha.

  • Camera system is implemented and there's built-in support for parallax scrolling etc. The only major feature missing is object picking.

  • Basic particle systems are implemented, but only "point emitter" is currently available. More emitters will be added in later alpha releases. Also, the particles emitters are currently implemented in Python, but they will be ultimately be translated to C++ (moving and rendering the particles is already C++).

  • Lighting system is pretty much done. There are a couple of additional features that I have in mind, but they can wait until the beta releases.