20 June 2007

Subversion Maintenance

The server that hosts all my subversion repositories and TRAC pages is currently down for maintenance. The physical server that hosts my virtual server broke down (which is probably the cause for my TRAC troubles earlier), and my server is currently being moved to another physical machine.

Hopefully everything will be back up in a couple of days.

Opioid2D Runtime Environment

Games made in Python are somewhat cumbersome to distribute. In order to facilitate distributing new versions of games to testers and friends, I've designed an utility similar to JRE, that allows one to run O2D games on Windows platforms without having Python installed. It's still a work in progress, but I've compiled a prototype you can download to see how the whole thing might work.

After you install the Runtime Environment, you can launch the example game by simply double clicking the invaders.o2d file. As you can see, the game itself is a relatively small file, which is much more convenient than always having to distribute several megabytes worth of dependencies.