08 June 2008

June Status Update

Apologies for the long hiatus. I've just recently finished a really hectic project at work, and I'm now slowly getting back to Opioid2D. The first order of business is to finish the Box2D integration which I already got decently far. While I was "away", Box2D released the official 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 versions, so it was actually pretty convenient to delay the integration this far. There's also lots of very promising stuff coming, based on Box2D's HEAD revision (like automatic polygon decomposition), which will be very useful in O2D.

My summer vacation begins in the middle of July, and that's when I'll try to complete some bigger new features. On August, I'm moving about 150km closer to my job, so that'll cut down my commuting times significantly (translating into more free time to use on personal projects).


Blogger sunspider said...

A GUI for working with Opioid2D projects: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pug . Download new stable version from SVN.

I know you know already, Shang. I am posting to remind (bug) you to check it out and to give other people who work with Opioid a chance to try it.

29 June, 2008 20:43  
Blogger Zorbicon Heptis said...

Are you going to include the b2DebugDraw functionality in the Box2d implementation? This would be an easy way to include basic drawing into O2d (which is lacking at this point).

I did a quick test nesting b2Body inside a Sprite, and syncing the ticks seems to work smoothly enough. Keep up the good work, I get the feeling that there's a lot of potential in this.

07 July, 2008 22:42  

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