14 July 2008

Opioid2D Pages Down

The Opioid2D web page is currently unreachable for some reason. I'm waiting to hear back from my server provider, but meanwhile, the pages are temporarily mirrored here.


Blogger Zorbicon Heptis said...

I found a bug in both Layer.py and Mouse.py involving get_world_position.

When converting from the mouse it seems to supply a tuple instead of x, y. I added: if not y: x, y = x, with a default arg of y = None. This seems to solve it, but I wasn't sure if you had noticed this before.

I'm using the last available BZR code, if that matters. Bazaar code is not available anymore, by the way.

I think everyone's still interested in the box2d integration, Sami... what's the status? I went ahead and did a simple implementation you can find here:


Feel free to use the graphics as you like. I made them to test the functionality.

03 August, 2008 09:04  
Blogger Zorbicon Heptis said...

Guess you've abandoned the project? If not, could you please put the bzr experimental source back up?

16 November, 2008 22:51  
Blogger Firoz said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! This is a bit Off-topic but did u had a game project called "Portals"?

28 September, 2010 01:32  

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