11 December 2006

I'm Still Alive

A lot has been happening lately, although unfortunately not so much with the O2D framework. I've been adding small features and bug fixes as time allows, but there's still a bit of tweaking I want to do before releasing the latest alpha (and the latest source is always available directly from the SVN of course).

The new big thing that has been taking my time is that I finally did something that I've been considering for a couple of years at least, and founded my own company. I'm still keeping my day job, but evenings will be dedicated to producing small shareware games. The company officially employs only me at the moment, but I'm getting help from a couple of freelancers to produce the first batch of games. I'll talk about the games a bit more after the projects are further along.

So, what does this all mean for the framework? Naturally, I'm going to use O2D for my own games, so I'll keep developing it. However, the game projects take priority, so new features will be added to the framework as dictated by the games, and I won't make any guarantees about the release schedule (again, all the changes will be available on a public SVN repository even if there isn't an official release).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news! Look forward to the games and the continued development of O2D framework.

If I plan to use the framework, would you suggest that I wait until the API becomes more stable, or should I just jump in?



13 December, 2006 18:54  
Blogger Nelson said...

Look forward to it too! I gave up on Pygame months ago because I couldn't get more than 22-25fp using the raw software blitting. Although it's extremely productive system.

I'll probably take another look at soon (I recently found pyext).

30 December, 2006 11:43  

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