09 June 2006

Opioid2D Pre-Alpha Program

First, I must apologize that the release of the new Opioid2D framework has been postponed for so long. I haven't had much time or energy to work on my projects for the last two months, but things are getting better and my summer vacation is getting closer, so I'm trying to kick O2D development up a gear.

In its current state, Opioid2D is not yet usable for real game development, and I've decided a long time ago, that I won't make a public release until you can run a fully functional example game using it. However, I've received many inquiries over the last couple of months, so I'm going to launch a semi-closed, pre-alpha program to get some feedback and let those who don't mind the unfinished state to get a first peek.

So, if you are interested and understand that the framework still requires a lot of work, send me an email (shang@iki.fi) with the following info:

  • What platform are you developing on

  • What platform are you developing for

  • What are you planning on using O2D for (commercial/non-commerical, games/utilities?)

  • How familiar are you with pygext

You need to have a working environment for building C++ extension for Python (see this page for info on how to setup a Windows environment using freely available tools).

All participants will get access to the Opioid2D development wiki and the Subversion source repository.

The first public release is currently planned for July 2006.


Anonymous Donal said...

I'm just here to give you words of encouragement. PyGame rocks, and though I just found PyGext, it looks like it rocks (rotating sprites and non-rectangular bounding boxes could make life a little easier). The idea of having those things implemented in compiled code is fantastic.

So, I'll be watching.

28 June, 2006 22:07  

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