04 July 2007

SVN and TRAC back online

The server move is finally finished and everything seems to work fine so far, so the TRAC can once again be found at http://trac.opioid-interactive.com/opi2d and SVN checkouts are available from svn://svn.opioid-interative.com/shang/opi2d/trunk

I've finished committing all code changes made during the downtime to SVN, and I'll go through the wiki and update it accordingly in the following few days. After I get everything cleaned up, O2D alpha 6 will be right around the corner.


Blogger Chaz said...

Alright! I'm looking forward to this!

Hey, when opioid2d is done, do you think it would be possible to get a game out of it that looks like Paper Mario? You know, 2D images (paper) moving around a 3D world that is actually made up of other 2D images... Because in the far future I wanted to make a game like that. A game that is in a book would be cool :D

11 July, 2007 04:54  
Blogger shang said...

chaz: That won't really be possible (well, not easily at least), since Opioid2D will (probably) not contain any code for 3D transformations, perspective etc.

You'll have to wait for Opioid3D to make that game. ;)

13 July, 2007 15:59  
Blogger Chaz said...


Well, at least I know I could recreate the battles, seen as they are from a 2D perspective.

I suppose... I could make a platforming RPG. That would actually be kinda cool...

15 July, 2007 03:47  

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