04 March 2006

A Short Introduction

Opioid was the moniker chosen for our team in the first PyWeek competition and since then we've continued using the name and gathered a couple of additional friends to the bunch. We currently have a couple of open source game projects under way, which we hope will provide us with enough team working experience and proper tools so that we can start looking at some more "serious" game development (probably portal games at first).

On the tools side, our current focus in on Python, using pygame, pyopengl and pygext. Prototyping is on the way to add C++ to the mix too.

As for the current events, three Opioid members (including me) are currently taking part in the shmup dev horizontal scroller competition, and later this month, the full team will take part in PyWeek #2.

I'll add some info about our current open source game projects in future posts. Stay tuned!


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